How To take And Restore Backup in Blue WhatsApp Plus?

how to create backup and restore in WhatsApp blue

Blue WhatsApp Plus is a modified application of WhatsApp used for Internet messaging. Nowadays, internet messaging is a modern way of communication in which you can communicate through text, audio, and video calls. It has many additional features than the official app, like auto-reply, hiding blue ticks, chat lock, changing typography, theme and wallpaper.

Take and restore backup

When you want to change your phone or want to move from official WhatsApp to blue WA, then you shouldn’t worry about data loss. First of all, you should create a data backup and restore it on the new application. We create a backup to save our important messages and files. It works in all new and old version of WhatsApp.

Why blue WhatsApp backup is important

Backup is important to protect your important data during accident cases, phone loss or damage, cyber threats, and system and app failure. Data backup preserves your chat history and carries it to the updated version. Data backup is essential to save your chat, image, audio, video, and document history. To take and restore a backup, follow these steps.

Take data backup in blue WhatsApp plus

The process of creating a backup in blue WA is the same as in official WA. To create a backup of the app, follow these steps:

  • Open the blue WA on your device.
  • Go to “settings” by clicking on three dots.
  • In settings, open the “chats” section.
  • Press on “chat backup” to start backup processing.
  • The backup is complete after 100% success messages.

Restore backup in blue WhatsApp

The data backup is saved on internal storage except Google accounts. You can check the file from the internal storage. Use this file to restore the backup to the updated app of blue WhatsApp. The restoring process on the new device is easy and simple, follow these steps to complete the process.

  • After completing the installation process of the updated version of the app, click on the icon of the app and open the newly installed version. 
  • Select your language and agree to “terms and conditions.”
  • Enter your mobile number for verification and go next. In a few seconds, you will receive the 6-digit number and put it in the application to complete the verification.
  • After complete verification, click on the restore option and wait. It takes some to restore all the data from the phone storage. After the complete restore data process, enjoy the app from where you left.
restore backup in blue WhatsApp plus

In addition, you can transfer your chat from one device to another device without chat backup. You can translate messages, images, audio, video and documents through the “chat transfer” in the setting of the app. To transfer files, the sender or receiver should be connected to the same wifi and turn on their location.


In conclusion, blue WhatsApp provides a facility for data backup to preserve your data and restore it to updated versions on the same or new device. In WhatsApp Blue Plus, the data backup is stored on the device storage instead of Google Drive. You should take data backup regularly to avoid data loss.


Blue WhatsApp Plus data can be restored, if you are using local backup. And you can restore the data using third party applications.

blue whatsapp stored backup data on local device storage. You can back up text, images, or videos and restore them whenever you want.

Yes, deleted data from blue WhatsApp will be restored. If you regularly backup your data on-device storage. If the deleted text is deleted before backup, then you can’t recover the message.