How To Share Screen On Blue WhatsApp Plus Android or iPhone?

Screen sharing feature of blue WhatsApp plus

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app developed in 2009, which replaces traditional voice calls or text messages with video or audio calls. We use the app to create channel, tag everyone in groups or send images, videos, and locations. The Blue WhatsApp team works day and night to develop new features, and  screen sharing is one of them.

Blue WhatsApp launched a new feature of screen sharing during video calls on Android, iOS, and desktop. You can share your screen horizontally or vertically during individual video calls or group calls. First, people used Zoom or Google Meet to share their screens, but now WhatsApp has introduced this fantastic feature.

The things you should know before screen sharing on blue WhatsApp

To enjoy this feature, you must read these things to start screen sharing on WhatsApp:

  • You must install the latest version of Blue WhatsApp.
  • You can share the screen only on video calls. Voice call doesn’t support it.
  •  During screen sharing, every activity on the mobile phone will be shared, even your notifications and upcoming messages. First, close your personal data and then share your screen.
  • During the video call, every person can share their screen, whether he made a video or joined. But during video calls, only one person can share their screen.
  • Your camera should remain active during video calls. The video call and screen sharing process is completely end-to-end encrypted, with no third person involved between them, not even Blue WhatsApp.

Complete steps to share screen on Android, iPhone, and PC

Screen sharing is the process of sharing the entire screen of a mobile phone and desktop during a video call on WhatsApp. You should protect your username and password during screen sharing. If you want to hide your upcoming notifications, enable “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Steps to share screen on Blue WhatsApp Plus using Android

  • First of all, launch Blue WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  • Start a video call to individuals or in groups.
  • The person who wants to share the screen taps on the screen share button in the control of the video call.
  • A new prompt will show on the screen that will notify you, that every person will access the information that shows on the screen.
  • By clicking the Start Now link, screen sharing will start. When your work is done, and you want to close the screen, then press the same button from where you started the share screen on blue WhatsApp plus, and screen sharing will stop.

Steps to start screen sharing on iPhone

  • Open the WhatsApp or WA Business on your iPhone.
  • To start the screen-sharing process, first make a video call and then press the screen-sharing button to share the screen of your iPhone device.
  • By tapping on the button, a new pop-up box will appear on your mobile screen. Press “start broadcast” and wait for 3 seconds; after that, your screen will start.
  • To stop it, tap on the same icon.

Steps to start screen sharing on PC

  • Open Blue WA on application PC or WA Web on the internet browser. Scan the PC QR code on mobile to log in to the laptop or PC.
  • Make a video call to someone or in groups where you want to share the entire screen of your mobile phone.
  • click on the screen sharing button, and screen sharing will start after a few seconds. Users turn their phones horizontally to enjoy a better view.
  • Tap on the same button from where you started the screen-sharing process to stop it.


WhatsApp introduced a tremendous screen-sharing feature during video calls. Each person during an individual or group call can share their screen. Install the latest app version to enjoy this amazing screen-sharing feature. This process is completely end-to-end encrypted. Follow the above steps to start the screen-sharing.

FAQs-frequently asked question

Yes, in Blue WhatsApp Plus, messages, audio, and video are end-to-end encrypted. During screen sharing, the mobile camera should remain active during the call.

No, the screen-sharing feature of WhatsApp only works during video calls. During a video call, if your mobile camera is off, then screen sharing will stop.

Yes, the screen sharing of WhatsApp works on PC. But the necessary thing is you are on video call.