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WhatsApp is an internet messaging app that is used to send or receive images, audio, videos, documents, and many more. By using the app you can share live locations and take opinions of others by creating polls.

Blue WhatsApp Plus is one of those applications that is used instead of WhatsApp. To increase the functionality of WhatsApp, a modified version called Blue WhatsApp Plus has been created. The mod version of WhatsApp has more features and customizable options and converts the official app into a blue theme variant. You can freely use a safe and secure version of the blue app.

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus?

It is the most advanced variant of the messaging app, which offers more extra features than the official WhatsApp application. It is free of cost, and you can download and install it on a single gadget with an official app. It has many additional features like hiding online presence, auto-reply, larger file sharing limit, customizable themes, and fonts.

It provides pro features like message scheduling, enhanced privacy settings, end-to-end encryption, chat lock, and the ability to download other statuses. By using this app you can disable the voice call option by disturbing someone, and even you can see the deleted message by the sender. Another amazing feature is that you can share your mobile screen during video call.

Features of blue WhatsApp Plus

Auto Reply

This app provides the function of auto-reply. By using it you can reply to the sender immediately. It is a fantastic feature and is only available in WhatsApp business accounts.

DND/ Airplane mode

DND means don’t disturb. If you want to use any other application on the mobile phone without interruption of messages or call notifications of WhatsApp then you can use DND mode. By using it you don’t need to turn off the internet connection or turn off the Android device.

Ghost mode

It’s a new privacy feature added in the latest version of the app. By enabling it, no person can see your action, and your last seen will be frozen. A new message will not turn blue when you are in ghost mode. You will see other people’s status without indicating that you have done it.

Add multiple accounts

Blue WhatsApp gives you an opportunity to run a dual account in one app. This feature is only available in the latest version. Users will receive the notification of both accounts in the same app. You can switch between 2 accounts easily. By adding two accounts in an app, you can efficiently manage the business and personal accounts separately.

Download Status

It is a most demanding feature; by using this, you can download the image and video status of your friends and family. This app allows us to save status in the phone gallery.

Separate group and chat 

It is very difficult to find specific person chats in WhatsApp, due to the mixing of the group and individual chats at the same place. It introduces a separate window for groups and personal chat. 

Set Message on Schedule

You can set a date and time in the blue WA app to send a message at that time when you are busy. It will send your message at the exact time that you set it. Using this amazing feature, you can manage your time or set the remainder for yourself.

Mass message sender

When you want to send the same message to a single person more than once, a mass sender feature is used. It’s a very risky process. WhatsApp can ban you by doing it.

Chat lock

In the modern era, every person wants privacy. Blue WhatsApp Plus gives you an opportunity to hide chat through fingerprint, pattern, or pin. For more privacy, the chat is kept in a separate lock folder.  By entering the code, you can access private chat and read notifications.

Multiple Languages

There are multiple languages available in Blue WhatsApp. You can select according to your needs.

Message to unsaved number

This app gives an option to send any message to unsaved numbers. For sending a message to an unsaved number, just type your message, enter the number and tap on send a message.

Freeze Last Seen

Another exciting feature of this modification app is the freeze last-seen function. By using it, you can conceal your online status from your contacts. You can enjoy this feature for as long as you want. 

Change font and color

You can change your font and color to make your chat more engaging. In typography, you can change text to bold and italic. You can also change your text and background color.

Customized theme

More than 4000 customized themes are available in the modified application. Each theme changes the UI/UX of the app. You can select your favorite theme to keep a more attractive app interface.

Show or Hide blue tick

During a conversation between two people, when you send a message, a single grey tick appears, indicating that the receiver is offline. When the recipient turns on the internet connection, a double grey check appears on the sender side. When a recipient read the message then double grey checks turned into blue ticks. In blue WA, you can also change tick and bubble style.

However, in the Blue WApp mod apk, you can read a message without showing a blue tick. Furthermore, you can also hide the double tick.  By using this app, you can hide voice or video notes, typing or recording, view status, and anti delete messages.

Restore and backup conversation

By using the app, you can back up your message and media to Google Drive. you can restore your messages and media to your phone after reinstalling the App. By taking a backup, you can’t lose your precious data.

Enhanced media sharing 

This app allows users to send more data at one time than official WhatsApp. You can send more than 700mb media files at once. Furthermore, users can send 30 pictures at once. 

Safe and secure

Blue WhatsApp Plus is more safe and secure than other modified WhatsApp. It provides end-to-end encryption, fingerprint lock, and two-step verification. In end-to-end encryption, only two persons sender or receiver can read the message, and nobody is in between, not even WhatsApp. Moreover, It provides an ‘anti-ban’ feature that prevents your WhatsApp account from being banned.

Group chat

This feature is used for virtual gatherings. People can connect with each other through group audio or video calls. Group chat features of Blue WA allow users to chat with more than 10 people in a single call.

Change blue WhatsApp Plus to IOS style

You can change the interface of the app to iPhone style by selecting the IOS style option. Its a new experience for Android users.

Share your live location

You can send or receive your real-time or any specific location to any person by using it. Using this feature, you can update your friend while travelling through live locations. 

Text message broadcast

In text message broadcasts, users can create a list of multiple people and send messages to the groups. Each recipient sees it as a direct message sent by you. In the blue app, users can send a broadcast text message to the groups.

Alter contacts

You can create a separate media visibility of a contact in the mobile phone gallery.

What’s new in version v9.91

  • Ghost mode added
  • Old user interface style added in plusMods
  • For each chat, custom media download control added
  • Ghost mode icon show/hide option added
  • You can run several accounts on the single device
  •  Now you can enable function to add email account
  • Accept new group members before joining option enabled
  • See message edit history added
  • Enabled channels feature 
  • Anti-ban improvements
  • Some Misc and general bugs fix

Difference between Blue WhatsApp Plus vs official WhatsApp

FeaturesBlue WhatsApp PlusOfficial WhatsApp
Status downloadyesNo
Anti deleteyesNo
Status length255139
File sending limit999 Mb100 Mb
Message forward limitUnlimited 5 chats
Change font and Theme Yes No
App Icon changeyesNo
Freeze last seenyesNo
Auto replyyesno
Blue tick hideyesno
Typing statusyesno
DND modeYes No 
Typing statusYes No 
Always onlineYes No 
Separate group and chatYes No 
Message schedulerYes No 

Some more additional features

  • You can send blank messages to your contacts.
  • By forwarding messages, you can disable forwarding tags.
  • Translate messages to any other language through multi-language support. 
  • During typing, we can hide the typing status.
  • The app is in a blue theme and has a more emoji collection.
  • We can always stay online in blue apk.
  • The status length of the app is 255 characters, which is more than the original app.
  • We can change the app icon.
  • Pin more chats and groups.
  • You can send videos and images without affecting their resolution.

What are the Requirements and permissions needed to install Blue WhatsApp plus

The following things are required to install blue WApp plus in 2024.

  • Internet connection/  Wifi is recommended
  • Android version 4.0+
  • Device identity
  • Storage space

After installing WhatsApp, the following permissions are required:

  • Gallery access
  • Location
  • Contacts
  • Storage
  • Internet 

How to download and install blue WhatsApp plus?

To download WhatsApp, click on the above download APK file link button because it’s not on the Google Play Store. You can also download it for your PC. After downloading, first you do these two steps

  • Allow unknown resources: to install the app, allow unknown resources to follow these steps
  • Click on the setting app> go to the security tab>enable the unknown source tab
  • Disable Google Play Protect: Nowadays, we can’t install any apk file without disabling Google Play Protect. These are the steps to disable Google Play Store protection.
  • Open the Google Play Store app> click on the Google profile picture > then press “Play protect”> go to the settings page > disable “improve harmful app detection.”
  • Install: click on the downloaded file and wait to install. After completing the installation, enter your number with your country code and enjoy the most advanced feature of WhatsApp. 

How to update blue WhatsApp Plus?

No special task is required to update it. We can update it manually because it is not on GPS(Google Play Store).

  • First of all, you should download the new version of the app.
  • After completing the downloading process, open the download file and tap on the update option to install the latest version.
  • After installing it, your app becomes up to date.  

Another method to update this app is to click on the plus mods, press the update option, and then click check for updates. During the update process, we never lose our data.

How to create backup and restore WhatsApp Plus?

The backup store’s data is separate from the original one, and it is essential due to updating and reinstalling the application, app crashes, and changing the mobile device. If we take a backup of the chat and then delete it. After sometimes we need that chat then we can restore it from the backup.

Backup has two methods, one is local backup, and the other is Google backup. Most of the mod versions of WhatsApp rely on local backup. This app is one of them.

There are the following steps to take a backup and restore data of the blue mod application of WhatsApp.

Step 1: Open the app and then click on the three dots present on the right side of the app and go to the settings option

Step 2: Press the chat option, and the new tab will open, and will see the chat backup option.

Step 3: Click on the chat backup option to begin the backup process. This app creates the local or Google copy of the backup.

Pros and cons of blue WhatsApp Plus


  • It has more features and customizable options than the original WA.
  • Anti-delete feature is present in it.
  • We can activate the don’t disturb mode.
  • It has more privacy options than other messaging apps.


  • Not present on the Google Play Store app.
  • It is not completely safe and secure.

Final verdict

Blue WhatsApp Plus, with a blue user interface, has multiple advanced features. Its source code is completely tested, which makes it safe and secure. It has top-notch privacy features that make it unique from others. You can change the theme of the app according to your needs. It’s not available on Google Play Store. You can download it from this site and enjoy the best features of the Internet messaging app.

FAQs-frequently asked questions

Yes, but not more safe than official WhatsApp.  Use at your own risk, you can enjoy app’s latest features.

Yes. It has anti-ban/no-ban features. To log in to the app under the same number, you should first clear the data on the official app.

Sure, it’s totally ads-free.

yes, You can use dual WhatsApp blue WA and the official WApp on the same mobile phone, but not at the same number. 

Yes, it is 100% free to use.