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Blue WhatsApp is a customized internet messaging application with new features and functions, that are not present in the official app. Due to this reason the old version of Blue WhatsApp Plus is more popular than the official app.

If the latest version of Blue WhatsApp Plus is experiencing a bug issue then the old version is preferred as compared to the latest version. The features present in the new version are always more than the old version. We will discuss some major features of the new and old versions.

Some major features of blue whatsApp old versions

There are the following features that are found common in both new and old versions.

  • You can translate chat to any language. 
  • By using the Status Downloading feature, we can download the status media file. This feature is found in all versions.
  • In all versions, the Separate group and chat feature is available.
  • Several themes and fonts are built-in in the old version.
  •  The media file-sharing limits are increasing from old to new versions.
  • You can activate the dark mode.
  • Back up and restore data feature available in all versions of Blue WA APK.
  • Auto-Reply message for any receipt available.

Old versions of blue WhatsApp plus APK

The Blue WA developers are working constantly to enhance the current version and introduce the update with the latest features. Some of the old versions are discussed in this article. You can download and install Blue WA in PC and Android.

What’s new in version v9.82

  • Enhanced camera interface
  • Send video in HD quality.
  • Share status updates on FB.
  • Save backup in .zip files.
  • Video message to be saved.
  • You can pin your message for up to 30 days.
  • “Mark as read“ add in chat when we enable the blue tick.
  • A video note message feature has been added.
  • Add repost status option.
  • Launch a new day and night option on the home screen.
  • Save video messages in the phone gallery.
  • New navigation bar user interface.
  • Crash error bug fixed
  • Anti-ban feature improved.
  • The original message can be viewed before the edit.
  • Fixed general bugs.

What’s new in v9.75

  • Some devices got the expiry “after 15 days” message, but this version limitation has been removed. 
  • Crash bug in message schedule fixed
  • Sometimes we cannot open the app, and this error is fixed in this version.
  • This version fixes the issue of sending my location.
  • Some general bugs were fixed.
Download v9.75

What’s new in v9.72

  • Updates in media(image, video) backup and restore option (plusMods>Universal>backup and restore)
  •  Increase media file sharing limit up to 100MB.
  • An Emoji pack was added in this version. (PlusMod>Universal>style)
  • Edit message to be enabled.
  • We can enable the receive pinned messages.
  • We can transfer chat to another phone without Google Drive.
  • We can enable the pin message in private chats.
  • We can lock the private chat. (ChatinfoPage>lock)
  • Enable the picture of group members in groups.
  • Clicking on community crash error fixes.
  • Fixed some general bugs.
  • Enjoy and discover yourself, Mics.
Download v9.72

What’s new in v9.65

  • In v9.65, anti-ban protection improved
  • Improve repeating user 1-hour ban feature in anti-ban protection.

What’s new in v9.62

  • Edit message feature enabled
  • Add a new feature message to the unsaved number in the user interface.
  • Hide save and mark the seen button on the status page.
  • Added some custom fonts.
  • We can enable the proxy setting (setting>storage and data> proxy setting)
  • Long press to any message, enabled keep message option when we activate the disappearing mode.
  • Fixed some forward and auto-reply crashes.
  • The finger lock issue of WhatsApp has been fixed.

What’s new in v9.52

  • You can hide the camera option from the header section.
  • In the message box, a translate icon has been added, and you have the option to disable the direct translation option.
  • We can enable the post voice note in the status.
  •  The issue of users crashing during the restore process has been fixed.
  • Resolve some more language translation problems.

What’s new in v9.45

  • Improve antiban feature.
  • Creating polls and voting options added in this version.
  • You can repost the status in v9.45.
  • You can create the zip file as backup data.
  • Improved the moon and sun icons in the header.
  • Other misc issues were fixed.

How to download and install the old version of Blue WhatsApp Plus?

The installation process is quite simple and easy. To download and install the old version of the app, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Click the download button and choose your favorite version that you want to download.

Step 2: Allow unknown sources from the setting of the mobile phone. 

Step 3: Install the download file on your mobile phone. After the installation process, open the app and enjoy the advanced features of the app.


WhatsApp has gone through many updates and versions over the years. It introduced many features like privacy, backup and restore, download status, and hiding the blue and double tick. The old version has lack of security enhancement and many other new features.

FAQs-frequently asked questions

Yes, it’s safe to use an old version. It’s some security issue and lack of features.

Due to it not being available on GPS (Google Play Store), you can download it on our old version page.

Yes, you can use it. But you should prefer the new version because old version has lack of bug or security errors.