How To Hide Your Chat On Blue WhatsApp Plus?

how to hide chat on blue whatsapp plus

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app used to communicate with people. It was launched in 2009 and has more than 2.5 billion users. We communicate with other people by using it through video and audio calls. 

Blue WhatsApp Plus is a customized application that has more features like hiding or locking your chat, hiding media from gallery or hiding profile picture during typing, downloading status, location sharing and many more. The hide chat feature is helpful for those who want to protect your chat from others.

In Blue WhatsApp, you can keep your conversation private by two methods: archive chat or lock and hide chat. By chat lock feature we can lock individual chats or groups, and even you can lock the whole WhatsApp. You can lock the conversation through a pin, pattern, and fingerprint.

Hide or unhide your chat via the archive method

In this method, we kept chat in a private folder from the main chat, which is called an archived chat folder. The conversation will remain hidden from the other chat when you receive the new message or you can remove it manually from the archived folder. We can archive the chat through these steps.

  • Open blue WhatsApp and go to individual chat or groups.
  • Long press on the chat or group that you wish to archive, and click on the down arrow icon.
  • The chat will shift from the main chat to the archive folder. It will remain in that folder when you receive a new message.
  • If you want to archive chat permanently, then go to settings> chats> and enable the “keep chat archived.”
  •  To unhide chat or groups from the archive then go to archived folder.
  • Long press on the chat and then press on up arrow button. Your chat will be visible on the main chat section.

 Hide or Unhide your chat using blue whatsApp plus feature

You should follow the same steps if you are using same WA account on multiple devices. To hide chat using blue WA plus, follow these steps.

Steps to hide your chat on blue WhatsApp plus

  • Launch blue WA on your phone select your chat or groups that you want to hide.
  • Long press on the conversation or groups,  tap on the close eye shape icon.
  • Select your password that you want to set: pin, pattern, and fingerprint. This is more secure method

To find your hide chat is another thrilling process. You can find your by pressing on the “bluewhatsapp”. When you receive a notification of locked chat, the name of application “bluewhatsapp” will shake.

Steps to unhide your chat

  • Open blue whatsapp and then click on “bluewhatsapp” that is exist on the upper left corner.
  • By entering your password, go to lock folder and then long press on the conversation that you want to unhide.
  • After long press on the chat or groups, tap on eye shaped icon. Your chat will move to the main chat section.

Pros and cons to hide your conversation using blue whatsApp


  • You can protect your privacy even other people using your mobile phone.
  • By hiding conversation, it offer more customization like accessing the chat icon and notification style.


  • By protecting your chat, you miss important notification to response a critical message.
  •  You may not access your chat, if you forget your password.

Final words

Using official we can hide chat by locking the whatsapp through fingerprint or chat to be archived. To add more privacy layer we use blue whatsapp. It add more functionality to hide individual or group chat.  We can hide and lock the chat by fingerprint, pin and pattern lock.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

Yes,  we lock the chat by long press on the contact that we want to hide and tap on the eye shaped button.

Yes, we access the chat by clicking on the app name and then enter your password.

By clicking on the archived folder at the bottom of the main chat section you can see archive chat. When you receive a new message then your chat will also appear in the main chat section.