How Do I Pin A Chat And Messages On Blue WhatsApp Plus?

How to pin chat, message or groups in blue WhatsApp plus- feature image

WhatsApp introduced a new feature to pin a message or chat at the top of the window. Users can pin all types of messages like text, images, video, polls, locations, stickers, and emoji. Users can pin one message and 3 individual chats or groups in official WhatsApp accounts.

Blue WhatsApp Plus gives us more advancement in features. In Blue, WhatsApp users can pin 1 message and up to 20 individual and 20 group chats. By pin a message or chat, we can easily access important chat or information.

Steps to pin a chat in blue WhatsApp plus

If you are using Blue WhatsApp Plus and want to pin a chat, then follow this procedure. This feature works in both devices, if you are using Blue WhatsApp in PC or Mobile. If you compare Blue WhatsApp plus vs GB WhatsApp, this feature exist in all mods of WhatsApp.

long press on the chat to pin it in blue WhatsApp plus- chat pin method
  • After selecting the chat, click on the pin icon from the header section.
after click on pin icon the chat will pin in blue WhatsApp plus- chat pin method
  • Now, your chat is pinned. You can pin up to 20 chats.
  • To pin a group in blue WA, then go to the group’s tab.
  • In the groups tab, select the groups that you want to pin and long press on the groups.
  • After a long press on the groups, your groups will be selected and pinned.

Steps to unpin a chat

  • To unpin individual chats or groups, long press on the individual chat or group and select it.
  • After selecting the chat, click on the unpin icon from the top header section.
  • Your chat will unpin after completing these steps.
long press on pin chat and tap on unpin icon to unpin chat- message unpin method in blue WhatsApp plus

Method to pin a message in blue WhatsApp plus

By following these procedure users can pin a message.

  • Launch Blue WA on your Android phone and open a chat.
  • Long press on a message that you want to pin and select it.
long press on a message to pin it in blue WhatsApp plus- steps to pin a message
  • After selecting the message, click on three dots and tap on the pin.
  • After tapping the pin, select the time duration of 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. During this period, your pin message will remain on the top.
  • To pin messages on groups, long press on the message, click on three dots and go to a group setting. Turn on and off the edit message setting.

Method to unpin a message

  • To unpin a message, long press on the pinned message and select it.
  • Now, tap on the unpin icon.
  • Your message will unpin.
  • Your pin message will also unpin after the time duration that you select during pin a message.

Pros and cons of pin a message or chatting in blue WhatsApp plus


  • You can easily catch the important message by pinning it.
  • Pin message can be used to set the remainder of the important task that you want to complete.
  • In groups, it is important to pin some important information and make it easy to fetch for all groups members.


  • The pin message is limited; you can pin only one message.
  • You can pin chat to find it easily. Overuse of pin, chat may make it difficult to find an important chat.


Blue WhatsApp gives us the opportunity to pin up to 20 individual and group chats. It allows us to access personal and important information easily. In chat or groups, you can pin a message for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. The pin message remains on the top of other messages.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Long press on the individual or group chat and select it. Then tap on the pin icon, and your chat will pinned. The pinned chat will remain on the top of the chat.

Yes, the pinned message is visible to all members of the groups. The pinned message will not show if the member deleted the message or cleared the chat history.

You can pin a message for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. You can select a one-time duration from these three. You can select it after a long pressing on the message and tapping on the pin; then, the time duration will show a specific period.