How to Add multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single Blue WhatsApp Plus?

How to run dual account on blue WhatsApp plus APK-feature image

Blue WhatsApp plus APK, with multiple new features, is the modified version. We use it for internet messaging. In the latest version of the app, Blue WhatsApp introduced a new feature multiple accounts where we can run multiple accounts on the same app. 

Before, if we needed to run multiple accounts, then we used Blue WhatsApp Plus with official WhatsApp. But official WhatsApp lacks multiple functions. To avoid multiple apps, blue WhatsApp introduced a new feature of running multiple accounts on a single app.

How to add a dual account on Blue WhatsApp Plus?

To add a dual account in the app is quite simple. This feature is not available in old versions of the app. The backup and restore process are stored differently in the storage. These are the steps you can take to add a dual account in Blue WA Plus APK.

Step 1: First of all you should install the app’s most recent version. It’s available to download from our official site.

Step 2: Launch Blue WhatsApp Plus, and click on the Profile image that is present on the top header section of the app.

click on profile image to add second account in blue WhatsApp plus- in header section

Step 3: In the profile section, press on the profile image name and then click on the add account to add 2nd account. Now you are on the log-in tab.

click on profile name to add second account in blue WhatsApp plus APK- profile setting options

Step 4: Enter the 2nd number that you want and complete the following steps to sign in.

Add second account option in blue WhatsApp plus

Step 5: After completing the process relaunch Blue WhatsApp Plus. press on the profile account to switch between your log-in accounts. By following these steps, you can add up to 2 accounts on the same application.

2nd account added in blue whatsapp. step by step guide

Use WhatsApp Web to open the same account on a PC

We can use the same account on the PC that we run on the mobile. To run an Blue WhatsApp account on a PC, you need to adhere to these guidelines.

  • Step 1: Open the WhatsApp web website on the Chrome browser of the laptop. A QR will appear on the screen.
  • Step 2: Open Blue WhatsApp Plus, tap on the profile image, and go to a linked device. If you want to include a new device then click on “link a device.” By clicking it, a QR code scanner will open. Scan the code of pc with your phone.
  • Step 3: After scanning the code you log in to pc. Now you can use it as you like.

Pros and cons of using multiple accounts on Blue WhatsApp Plus


  • You can save your mobile memory space by running multiple accounts on a single app.
  • You can separate your business or private chat by using two accounts.
  • Its big benefit is we can keep separate personal and professional lives.
  • You don’t need a separate app to run another account.


  • Due to a miscommunication, you can send a message to the wrong account.


In conclusion, you can run multiple accounts by following these steps on a single Android application. This feature is available in version v9.91 or above. If you have the old version, then update it from our official site. 

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Yes, we can use more than two accounts on a different apps. But in Blue WhatsApp you can only run 2 accounts in one application. If you want to add more accounts then add dual app of Blue WhatsApp Plus.

No, it follows the same security protocol that official WhatsApp follows. It uses end-to-end encryption of messages and has an anti-ban feature.

You can run 4 accounts on an Android phone with the help dual app function. Blue WhatsApp Plus APK allow user to add only two accounts in one app.