How to share your location on Blue WhatsApp Plus?

share your location on blue WhatsApp plus- feature image

Blue WhatsApp Plus is a popular instant messaging app that has many features like hiding your chat, location sharing, pin a chat or messages, anti-ban, and run multiple account on single app. Location sharing on WhatsApp is an easy process.

In Blue WhatsApp Plus, you can share your your live location or any location that you want to share, is sent in both new and old versions. Location sharing is important for business work, to stay connected with your loved one, and for your privacy and security.

steps to share current location on Blue WhatsApp plus using an Android

Before sending your current location, first give WhatsApp to access your location. For permission go to mobile “Setting > Apps > Blue WhatsApp Plus > permissions” to allow location access. Now follow these steps to send the location.

  • Open blue WA plus
  • Choose a person that you want to send, and click on the chat section of that contact.
  • After selecting your contact click on the “paper clip” icon, and choose the location feature.
  • In the location feature, if you give location permission not yet, then grant permission.
  • Now click on the “click on the current location” Your location will share and the current location box will appear on the screen.
choose your current location to share in blue WhatsApp plus
  • Suppose that you want to send the location of any point then click on the “dotted square box”  point your desired location and then press the “share this location” option.
select dot squared icon to share location in Blue WhatsApp Plus
  • To share live location then press the “live location option” and  select your time of 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 8 hours and add a comment, press the send button to share your live location

How to share location on WhatsApp on iPhone?

  • press the WhatsApp icon to open it. Open the person chat that you want to send.
  • Tap the “+” icon that present left side of chat section. And go to the location feature.
  • In location, there will be two options to send the location. “Share current location” and “share live location”
  • If you want to send your current or any desired location then go to share current location.
  • If you want to send a live location for up to 8 hours then select the “share live location” feature.
  •  In live location sharing you can be stopped it at any moment.

How to share location on blue WhatsApp plus status?

You can share your current location on status by selecting an image in the background. By following these you can enable to send location on WhatsApp status.

  • Launch blue WA Plus and go to updates.
  • In the update section go to the camera icon that present at the bottom of the page. Now capture a new image or select an picture from the gallery.
  • After selecting an image, go to the emoji icon and press the location sticker.
  • After clicking the sticker icon, a new location window will open. Now select your current location or any other location, and then the location sticker will add to the status.
  • Once the above procedure complete, click on the send button to publish your status.

How to share location on blue WhatsApp plus using Google Maps?

Google Maps is a Google product that is used to search locations or directions of any place. We can share the location of Google Maps by following the steps on blue WA Plus.

  • Tap on the Google map icon, and open it.
  • Choose your specific location or current location that you share.
  • A new popup will show at the bottom of the map to share it.
  • Now go to the share icon, choose blue WA Plus, and send it to the contact that you want to send.

Pros and Cons to sharing live location on Blue WhatsApp


  • It is beneficial to send location in emergency cases.
  • You can share live locations to monitor your progress during a trip.


  • It may be a privacy risk to share your current location with a stranger.
  • By sharing live location, you consume more battery and data.  


In conclusion, we can share location on blue WhatsApp plus in 3 ways, using status, personal messages, and through Google Maps. location sharing is important for business, to go to unknown places, and for tracking trips.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

No, we can send only your current position or any other specific location. You can share live locations in the personal chat of any person.

Go to the following chat and stop the live location. If you send the location to multiple people then go to settings> privacy > live location > press on stop live location.

We cannot send location on the web but first, we select location from the map and then it will be shared on the WhatsApp web.