How to change the bubble and tick style in Blue WhatsApp Plus?

how to change bubble and tick style in blue WhatsApp plus- feature image

Blue WhatsApp gives us premium features that are not in the official app. It has pro features like changing application icons, disappearing messages, hiding blue ticks, tag any people, and changing the tick style. These features are present in both PC and Android applications.

Blue WhatsApp Plus gives us more customization. It has 78 tick style icons that we select our own choice. We not only change the tick style but we also change the bubble style. In the bubble color options, we customize the left or right bubble color and text color and even change the time color of the bubble. 

Why do we need to change the bubble and tick style?

We get bored by using the same interface of the app. After some time, changing the style of the whole conversation gives us a new look and excitement. Doing advanced customization is a new experience for the new users. That’s why people use mod applications rather than official ones.

Method to change the bubble and tick style in Blue WhatsApp Plus

Selecting one tick from the 78 is just easy. Followings steps are followed to change the tick and bubble style.

Blue WhatsApp plus Home screen-screenshot
  • Select PlusMods, and go to the “Conversation screen”.
plusmods features image of Blue WA plus- page screenshot
  • Tap on “Bubble and Ticks”. In this window, you can modify the tick and bubble style.
select bubble and tick in conversation tab in blue WhatsApp plus- change tick and bubble style
  • To change tick style, tap “Ticks Styles” and select your favorite from the 78 icon.
  • If you want to customize the bubble, the following options are found: right bubble color, right chat bubble text color, right bubble time color, left bubble color, left chat bubble text color, and left bubble time color.
  • From the following options customize the bubble that you want to change.
  • Icon color of deleted messages can also be changed from the same tab.

Pros and cons of changing the bubble and tick style in Blue WhatsApp Plus


  • You can change the interface of the conversation by customizing bubble and tick.
  • You can differentiate the message by changing the bubble style.
  • By using blue WhatsApp Plus, you can enjoy more advanced features like hiding blue tick, changing font and theme, and changing the tick style.


  • Your WhatsApp account may be banned by using the mod application.
  • Some people are worried about their security. It may be challenging for those people.


In conclusion, blue WhatsApp allows the user to customize their chat. The bubble and tick style of conversation can also be changed by the user. In bubble style, the user customizes it by changing the bubble colour, bubble text colour, and bubble time colour. By changing the bubble style, you can easily differentiate your message from others in WhatsApp groups.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can change the icon colour from PlusMods>Universal>styles>launcher icon. You can also change the app notification icon from PlusMods>Universal>style>change notification icon.

Yes, we can change the bubble style to give a new look and feel to the chat conversation. You can change it from PlusMods>conversation screen>bubble and tick.

In the latest version, 78 tick styles are found. If you want to customize it, then go to PlusMods>conversation screen> bubble and tick>tick style and select your favorite one.