How To Set A Lock Blue WhatsApp Plus?

How to set fingerprint, pattern, and pin lock in blue WhatsApp plus- feature image

Blue WhatsApp has a lot of features like hiding chat, disappearing messages, sharing images in HD quality, pin a chat or messages and setting the lock to the application. It provides the user an additional layer of security and privacy. Due to these advanced features, Blue WhatsApp Plus plays a vital role in user experience.

The privacy feature of Blue WhatsApp gives an extra security layer to the user who is worried about their private data. In the official WhatsApp, you can lock the app through Fingerprint, but in blue WhatsApp, you can set WhatsApp to lock through Fingerprint, Pattern, and Pin. You can set the Pattern invisible and disable the pattern vibration. It also gives advanced customization; you can even change the wallpaper of the lock/pattern.

How to set security lock in blue WhatsApp

To set a security lock in blue WhatsApp, you should follow these guidelines. It is completely safe and secure version of Blue WhatsApp Plus.

  • Click on the blue WhatsApp Plus icon to open it. Tap on three dots to show a new option.
  • Press on the “PlusMods” and go to “privacy and security”.
plusmods features image of Blue WA plus- page screenshot
  • In the “privacy and security” window, go to the “security” option, enable “WhatsApp lock”, and select one type of lock that you want.
enable WhatsApp lock to lock the blue WhatsApp plus- lock process to lock the screen

Set Fingerprint as security lock

  • If you want to set a fingerprint as a security lock, then click on “fingerprint”. Enable “unlock with fingerprint” and select the lock timing, e.g. immediately, after 1 minute, and after 30 minutes.
enable fingerprint lock function to lock blue WhatsApp plus- used to protect your chat

To show contect in the notification bar then enable”show content in notification. You can also select the fingerprint lock from the settings>privacy>fingerprint lock>enable with Fingerprint.

Set Pattern as security lock 

  • If you want to set a pattern as a security lock, then click on the “Pattern” and set it for the first time by clicking on “Change the pattern”.
  • To disable pattern vibration, click on “disable pattern visible. If you set the pattern wallpaper, then click on “change lock/pattern wallpaper” and choose a photo that you want to set.
  • If you want to make the Pattern invisible, enable the “ make pattern invisible” option.

Set Pin as security lock

  • Press the “Pin” option from the security tab to enable the pin lock and click on the “change password” to set a 4-digit PIN for the security lock.

How to set security lock in official WhatsApp

  • First of all, you should open WhatsApp and click on the three dots.
  • Go to “setting” and tap on “privacy”
  • In the privacy option, go to “fingerprint lock” and enable the “unlock with fingerprint”.
  • After fingerprint confirmation, a fingerprint lock will be enabled. Now, you can select the time interval to lock automatically. If you hide chat in the notification, then turn off “show content in the notification.”

Pros and cons to set lock in blue WhatsApp Plus


  • It provides an additional layer of security to protect your chat from unauthorized individuals.
  • It protects our personal information.


  • It takes time to reach out to the chat by protecting through chat lock.
  • If you lose your password, all your data will be lost.


In conclusion, we protect our chat by enabling the chat lock feature through different methods, e.g. Fingerprint, Pattern and Pin. The pin and Pattern lock feature only exists in blue WhatsApp. In official WhatsApp, we protect our chat through the fingerprint method.

frequently asked questions -FAQs

Yes, we protect it through Fingerprints, Patterns, and Pins. We protect our personal information and sensitive information by enabling the lock feature.

To set pattern lock, go to PlusMods>privacy and security> security>enable WhatsApp lock>select Pattern>change the Pattern to lock WhatsApp.

No, we lock Meta whatsapp only through Fingerprint. To enable fingerprint lock, go to settings>privacy>fingerprint>enable fingerprint lock.