How Do I Tag Everyone In Blue WhatsApp Plus?

how to tag everyone in blue WhatsApp groups- feature image

WhatsApp, with over 2.7 billion users, is the most used internet messaging app all over the world. Nowadays, many people use mod WhatsApp like Blue WhatsApp to enjoy the advanced features. It has many additional features, e.g., disappearing messages, chat locks, tagging people, and sharing live locations with your friends and family. It also allows you to hide media content from the gallery and verify your account via a flash call.

The tag feature is used in groups to tag someone. Tag is used to mention one person, multiple people, or all people in the groups. Most users mute the group notification due to constant updates. By tagging anyone in the groups, recipients receive a notification if they are muted. Users can tag a single person, multiple people, or everyone in the groups.

Significance of tag @everyone

The @ symbol is used to tag any people in the groups. To tag anyone is to make sure they have seen the message. It is used for important announcements in the groups. We use pin messages or tag everyone to announce some important message. Mentioning anyone multiple times is not a good symbol. 

Steps to tag everyone in the groups

It’s a very straightforward process to tag everyone in the groups. We follow these steps to tag one person or everyone. You can tag everyone, if you are using Blue WhatsApp Plus on PC or Mobile.

  • Click on the safe and secure version of Blue WhatsApp Plus icon to open it on your phone.
  • In Blue WhatsApp, go to the group’s tab and open any group in which you tag someone.
  • Type the message that you want to send, and then type the @ symbol. A popup will show in which you will see all the members in the groups.
  • Now, type the member name that you want to mention. Or if you mentioned everyone, then type @everyone and click the send button.
  • You can mention someone at any place of the type message, e.g., start, end, middle, or any specific area.
  • By mentioning someone, they receive a notification. If you want to mention one person, then prefer to send a direct message instead of a group message.

Pros and cons of tagging everyone in WhatsApp group


  • It is an efficient way to share any announcement in the groups by tagging everyone.
  • If you or anybody else sends a message, image, or video that is important for some members, then you can mention that user to see it.
  • It will increase the engagement by tagging people.


  • Frequently using the everyone tag is annoying for some people. It may cause the group to leave.


In conclusion, tagging every person is to make sure the message is reached to everyone in the groups. Mentioning users in the groups is used to make some announcements in the groups instead of messaging individually. The @ symbol is used to mention any people. 

frequently asked questions-FAQs

We use the @ symbol to mention any person in the group. Type the @ symbol; then the new popup will show the group member’s name. Type the name of the person that you want to mention.

To tag everyone in the group, type @everyone and type your message. By typing @everyone, each person will receive the notification. It’s good to announce any important message to a large community.

To tag multiple in WhatsApp, open a group in which you mention multiple people. Type the @ symbol and then enter the name of each person. Then, type your message and enter the send button.