How To Change The Icon And Its Color In Blue WhatsApp Plus?

how to change blue WhatsApp icon and color- step by step guide

Blue WhatsApp Plus has many advanced features like changing icons, disappearing messages, sharing live mobile screen, and create channels. Change icon and its of WhatsApp only exists in WhatsApp mods. To change the icon of the official app, we need to install an icon color launcher.

Blue WhatsApp not only allows the user to change the icon but we can also change the icon color. We can select multiple colors on one icon. More than 70+ icons are present in Blue WA Plus. 

Why do people need to change the WhatsApp icon?

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app, when people see the same thing many times they get bored. By changing the icon and its color and theme, they feel delighted. Due to this reason, most people use mod applications than official and Blue WA mod APK is one of them.

How to change the icon and its color to Blue WhatsApp Plus?

It introduces 70+ new icons that are present on both application mobile and PC. You can select the logo of a famous football club as an icon of the app. To change the icon and its color of Blue WhatsApp on PC and mobile you follow these guidelines. This feature is exist in both GB and Blue WhatsApp Plus.

  • Open Blue WhatsApp Plus, and tap on “PlusMods”.
Blue WhatsApp plus Home screen-screenshot
  • Go to the “Universal” feature of the app and then click on “Styles(look and feel)”.
plusmods features image of Blue WA plus- page screenshot
  • In the Style option go to “Launcher Icon”. Now select your favorite one from more than 70+ icons.
  • By just tapping on the icon, your app icon will change.

How to change the notification icon of Blue WhatsApp Plus?

In the mod application, you can also change the notification icon. To change the notification icon must read these steps.

  • Launch Blue WhatsApp Plus on your mobile phone or PC where you want to change.
  • Go to “Plusmods” and press the “Style(look and feel)”.
  • In the style option go to “change notification icon” and select your favorite one from the 50 icons. 

How to change the WhatsApp icon using Nova Launcher?

If you are using the meta WhatsApp and want to change its icon then you should install the mod application of WA or install Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is a third-party application that gives us the opportunity to change icons and the color of any application.

  • Install the Nova Launcher from the Google Play Store on your Android phone and click to open it. 
  • Download your desired image from your phone gallery as a symbol that you want to replace from the original.
  • Now select apps that you want to change the icon like WhatsApp in this case.
  • Click on edit when the menu feature is displayed. Select “edit shortcut” and tap on WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the “Application” feature, go to Gallery, and choose a picture that you want to replace.
  • After the selection of the image adjust the image size and press on “done”. The process will complete and your image will change.


In conclusion, if you want to change the WhatsApp icon and color and notification icon then you should install the mod version like blue WhatsApp, or install the launcher. To change color in blue WA follow these steps blue WhatsApp>PlusMods>universal>style>launcher icon.

frequently asked questions-FAQs

Yes, you can change the icon color of the Plusmods of blue WA Plus. To change the icon you should go to plusmods>universal>style(look and feel)>launcher icon and select the desired one.

Yes, Blue WhatsApp Plus allows us to change the notification icon color. To change notification icon color go to Plusmods>universal>style(look and feel)>change notification icon and select your desired icon from it.

Yes, we can change the theme to give a new look to the blue WA interface. To select a new theme go to Plusmods>PlusThemes>download themes. Now select from one of them.