How To Hide Media From The Gallery In Blue WhatsApp Plus?

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Due to its mass popularity, most people use WhatsApp for instant messaging. By using it, we receive a variety of photos and videos. These media are saved in our gallery. For this reason, our phone gallery is full of unnecessary media. And we want to remove it from the gallery.

Suppose you want to stop WhatsApp photos and videos to save in the gallery. Then I will tell you how to hide it. You can hide all WhatsApp media from the phone gallery. And you also hide some specific chat or group images or videos from the gallery.

Steps to hide blue WhatsApp images and videos from the gallery

You should follow these steps to stop Blue WhatsApp from saving pictures and videos from Android.

  • Open blue WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone.
  • Click on the three dots and then press on the setting. In the setting, go to the chat section.
  • To hide chat from the gallery, then go to “media visibility” and turn it off. After turning it off, your newly downloaded media, i.e., images or videos, will not show on the gallery. But your already downloaded files will show in the phone gallery.
disable media visibility to hide media from gallery in blue WhatsApp plus

Hide specific person or group media in blue WhatsApp plus

Due to mass messaging in the group, we receive a lot of images and videos. They cause a problem in finding any picture in the gallery. Then, we only want to hide some specific person or group images or videos from the Android. We follow these steps to hide it.

  • Launch blue WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone.
  • Go to a specific chat or group where you want to hide their media.
  • In chat or groups, tap on the name of the chat or group.
tap-on-the-name-of-the-contact-or-group-that-you-want-to-turnoff-media-visibility-hide media process in blue WhatsApp plus
  • Scroll down the page and go to media visibility. Click on “media visibility.” a new popup will show on the screen. Click on “NO.” by doing this setting, your media will hide from the gallery.

How to hide WhatsApp media from the gallery by using the .nomedia file

The other method to hide media from the gallery is by using a third-party app. The following steps proceed to hide images from the Android gallery.

  • First of all, you should install the file explorer from the (GPS) Google Play Store.
  • Click on “my files” and move to internal storage. Then tap on the WhatsApp folder and go to media> WhatsApp image.
  • Change the name of the “WhatsApp images” folder to .nomedia and place a dot before it.
  • To hide the video from the gallery, then rename that folder to .nomedia2 or any number at the end. If you want to show the images or video later to your gallery. Then, delete the name from .nomedia to any name.

Through the following setting, all media hide from gallery, if you are running multiple account on single Blue WhatsApp application. For more privacy, first you should hide media from the gallery and then lock the Blue WhatsApp Application. You should follow the same steps to secure your pictures and videos, if you are using one WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

Pros and cons of hiding blue WhatsApp media from the gallery


  • You can maintain your privacy by hiding media.
  • By hiding media, you can easily organize the images or videos in the gallery.


  • By hiding media, you can miss the important images or videos that you want to save in the gallery.


You should hide media from the gallery to avoid unnecessary images or videos. By turning off the media visibility, the newly downloaded media will not show in the gallery. In WhatsApp, you can even hide a single contact or group media in the gallery.

frequently asked question-FAQs

Media visibility refers to showing or hiding media in a gallery. It has three visibility options, i.e., default, yes, or no. By default, and yes, your media will be visible and saved in the Android gallery. But in NO, your media will be invisible in the gallery.

To stop showing photos in the gallery, go to the settings of the app. Go to chat and turn off the “media visibility.”

If I turn off the media visibility, all the newly downloaded images or videos will not show in the gallery. However, the already downloaded files will be visible in the smartphone gallery.