How To Verify WhatsApp Accounts Automatically By Flash Call?

how to verify WhatsApp account through flash call- feature image

WhatsApp allows the user to verify their account by two methods, i.e., messages and flash calls. In the early days of WhatsApp, the user could only verify their accounts through 6-digit messages. But now WhatsApp has introduced a new method of account verification called flash call. To verify your account through flash call, you don’t need to 6-digit code. 

The flash call is the automatic verification of an account. You should permit call log, SMS, and location to WhatsApp. After the permit call log, WA will make a call to your number and close it automatically. After the call, your WhatsApp account will be verified automatically.

Why do we use Flash Call for WhatsApp account verification?

To overcome user difficulty, WA introduced a flash call feature. When a user enters their number and waits for 6 6-digit PIN code but can’t receive the code, then a flash call feature is used. This feature only works when you are using WhatsApp and a sim card is on the same phone. 

Steps to verify WhatsApp account through Flash call

The following steps are used to verify their account. The flash call feature only exists in Android phones. 

  • On your phone open whatsapp and select your language. 
  • Click on “agree and continue” and move to the next tab to enter the phone number.
  • In the “enter your phone number” tab, enter your number.
  • If you don’t know, then tap on “What’s my number.” select the phone number that you use for your account.
  • After entering the number, press on “Next”. In this tab, if you want to verify your WhatsApp account through Flash call, then click on “continue”; otherwise, select “verify another way.”
  • To verify through a call, WhatsApp will call you and end it automatically. After verification, you log in to your WA account.

We use the same process to log in to a blue WhatsApp account. It is a modified WhatsApp that is used instead of WA. It has more features than the official app. By using 2nd WhatsApp account on the same app, you can verify it through the same method.

Steps to verify WhatsApp account through Text Message

  • If you want to verify your account through SMS, then in the “enter your number” tab, click on “try another way.”
  • Now click on “send SMS”. WhatsApp will send you 6 6-digit codes; enter this 6-digit OTP into your account.
  • After entering the code, you are logged in to your account.

After entering to your WhatsApp account through flash call or messages verification, you can enjoy the many feature of Blue WhatsApp Plus. The feature you can enjoyed are change bubble and tick style of messages, change font style, size and color or hide online status.

Pros and cons of verifying WhatsApp account through Flash call


  • It is an easy method to verify through a call in which you don’t need to enter OTP.
  • The Flash Call method of verification is more secure and reliable than SMS. You don’t need the accessibility of SMS service.


  • This function requires the user to allow permission for calls, SMS, and location.


WhatsApp gives you 2 options to verify your account through SMS or flash call. In the flash call method, you don’t enter the code to verify it. But WhatsApp requires the user to give access to the call log. The call method is advanced and the latest feature of WhatsApp.

frequently asked questions-FAQs

The flash call is the method to verify a WhatsApp account automatically without a 6-digit code. It is a fast and secure method of verification.

After entering a number for verification, WhatsApp will call you and end the call immediately. If the last number in the call log is are same call, WA to your number. Then WhatsApp automatically verifies your phone number.

For WhatsApp verification through flash call, the user should grant permission to location, call, and SMS message.