How Do You Hide Your Online Status On Blue WhatsApp?

hide your online status on Blue WhatsApp- step by step guide.

In the modern world, internet messaging is an integral part of our daily life. We use apps like Blue WhatsApp to send or receive messages, images, audio, or video to our friends and family. It has pro feature like change bubble and tick style and app icon and its color. By default, you can check whether our contact is online or offline.

It has many privacy and security options that are used to hide chat, and hide or freeze your last seen. To enable this feature, you can’t see if others are online. In this article, we will discuss how to hide or freeze your online presence by using the app.

WhatsApp online status and last seen

Last seen means whether a person used WhatsApp on the phone, but it doesn’t mean they see your last message. Hide online status and last seen is a privacy setting; mostly, people use it to no longer be interested in a conversation for some time. By using the app, you can hide your current online status from everyone to see only my contacts or my contacts except specific contacts from the settings of the app. 

In blue WA Plus, you can hide your current status from two methods: the official way and through extra mod features of the blue app. You can also hide your current status by blocking someone.

Official way to hide your online status on Blue WhatsApp Plus

The following steps are used to hide the status on WhatsApp:


Click on the three dots, go to the setting.


Tap the Privacy option and go to last seen and online. There will be four options for those who can see my last seen.

Everyone: In this option, everyone can see your last seen whether their mobile number is saved in your phone or not.

My contacts: This means only your saved contacts can see your last seen.

My contact except In this option, your contacts can see your last seen except those you’ve selected.Nobody: By selecting it, no person can see your last seen.


Press the nobody option to hide your last seen.

Step 4:

Click on the “same as last seen” for who can see when I’m online.

Using blue WhatsApp to hide your last seen

Blue WApp allows you to hide your online status and also lets you freeze your online status. If you hide your online status, follow the steps discussed earlier. If you freeze your last seen, follow these steps.

  • Click on the three dots and go to Plus mods.
  • Within Plus mods, there are many options, but you should press the privacy and security options.
  • You should turn on the “freeze last seen” from the privacy and security settings. When you enable it, everyone can see the time when you activated it.

By hiding your online status through the official method, you can’t see the current status of other people, whether he is online or not, but using the other method, you can freeze only your status. During hiding status, If you are chatting with someone, they can see when you are typing.

Pros and cons of hiding your online status on Blue WhatsApp


  • It allows user to enhance their privacy. You can control your active presence on the messaging platform.
  • You can avoid unwanted messages by hiding your online presence.
  • It offers an additional feature to freeze your last seen.


  • When you hide your status, you can’t see other people’s status.
  • You can miss the important message in urgent situations.


In conclusion, blue WhatsApp allows users to hide their online presence or freeze their online status through additional features of privacy. The hiding feature allows the user to manage their online presence, but the freeze last seen enables the user to maintain static online status. User can select to freeze or hide their online status according to their choice.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

WhatsApp allows users to hide their last seen or typing status. It allows you to show only to your friends or only me. In addition, blue WhatsApp gives you an opportunity to freeze their last seen from the privacy and security option of PlusMods.

Yes, to hide the status for one person, launch blue WhatsApp>setting>privacy>last seen and online>my contact except. Now select a contact that you want to exclude from the showing the status.

Yes, you can freeze it. By Freeze last seen, your online status will freeze. In Freeze last seen, you can see other people’s online status.