Comparison between GB and Blue WhatsApp Plus Similarities and Differences

comparison between Blue WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp- similarity and differences

GB and Blue WhatsApp are the modified versions that are used instead of the official App for instant messaging. Both apps have the same features and functions but a slight difference between each other. After reading this article, you can select the best app that suits you.

Blue WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp is a modified application with more additional features than the official app. The features included in blue apps are airplane mode/ DND mode, hide the status view, disable forward tags, and many others.

GB WhatsApp

GB Application is also a mod version of the official app, similar to Blue App Plus, and comes with extra features and functions. By using it you can download status images or videos, auto-reply, and hide blue ticks. 

Both GB and Blue apps have the same features and functions, but there a little difference between these two.

Similarity between GB and Blue WhatsApp

User Interface

Both applications have the same user interface with chats, groups, status, community, and call tabs at the bottom of the application. Camera, DND mode, day and night mode, and search bar are present at the top of the main user interface.

Double WhatsApp account

Both apps allow you to run a double account on the same device. You can use Blue and GB WA on one device at the same time but with different mobile numbers. In the latest version, you can manage 2 account on single app with 2 different numbers.

Privacy options 

Privacy options in both applications are the same; both apps have privacy features like hiding double ticks or blue ticks, hiding online status, hiding voice recording, and also you can hide your typing status.

Chat customization option

You can change the text to italics and bold in both apps. Both apps have various wallpaper and colors; you can change the background color or set wallpaper in the background. You can apply the color to the text of the conversation. Both apps have more than 4000 themes that you can use to change the display of the app.

The other features that are present common in both apps are: hide media from gallery, create and manage WhatsApp channel, change icon and its color, share screen on WhatsApp.

Difference between GB and Blue WhatsApp Plus


Both have different origins, GB WA was developed by Fouad Mokdad, while Blue was developed by mhndm.


Antiban features are present in both of them but the main difference is that official WA has banned some numbers permanently that use GB WApp but a temporary ban of some numbers in Blue WA.  

APK and IOS files

The other difference in both apps is that the GB app has both an APK and IPA file but the Blue app has only an APK file.

Comparison Blue WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp

FeaturesBlue WhatsAppGB WhatsApp
Schedule MessageYes Yes 
Backup and restore featureYes Yes 
Developer supportRegular Not often 
Anti revokeYes Yes 
Group size256128
Ban riskVery lowMedium 

Final verdict

In conclusion, both applications have mostly the same features and functions, but Blue WhatsApp is better than GB due to its improvement in the antiban feature. Blue WA focuses only on Android devices, but GB has both APK and iOS files. I used both apps, but Blue WA is Better than GB WA.

Frequently asked question (fAQs)

Both blue and GB are the modified version of WhatsApp. Blue WhatsApp has more secure and antiban feature then GB WhatsApp. Both apps have same feature like auto-reply, schedule message, and status download.

Blue WhatsApp mainly focuses on the antiban feature, but GB WhatsApp focus on new features. Original WhatsApp permanently banned some numbers that use GB WhatsApp but blue WhatsApp face temporary ban or no ban.

Yes. if the message sender delete the message from everyone, original WhatsApp delete it from receipt end but blue WhatsApp does not delete.