How To Create A Channel In Blue WhatsApp Plus?

How to create WhatsApp channel in blue WhatsApp plus

Whatsapp introduced a new tremendous feature called “channel.” It is used to connect with the followers through one-way broadcasts. It allows individuals or organizations to share updates with their followers. In the Channel, you can’t reply to the creator, but only react with the emoji on the updates.

WhatsApp developers are working every day to develop new features like chat lock, hide media from gallery and sharing live locations or channels to connect with followers through channels. You can share updates with the followers through images, audio, videos, texts, stickers, and links. In channels, you can share your updates to chat or any groups, so that people find you and follow your Channel.

How to find WhatsApp channels?

You can find WhatsApp Channel through the recommended channel list, search channel box, or external links. In recommended channels, a list of Channels is shown in the update section according to your channel matrix.

If you want to access any channel, then click on the find channel icon and search for a channel name that you want to find. In the find channel search box, you can filter the Channel by most active, popular, new, or your country bases. To find a Channel in another country, you can change the country at any time from the find channel search box.

User can find the Channel through an external link, the channel admin sends you a link. Click on the link to follow him.

how to follow whatsApp channels?

To follow a quick recommended Channel, click on the “follow” button without opening a channel. The other way to follow any channel is to find it from the search box, go to Channel, and click on the follow button from the top right corner. If you compare both application like Blue WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, this function is present in both apps.

how to create whatsApp channel?

  • Open Blue WhatsApp Plus and click on the updates section from the bottom of the app.
  • Now move on the channel section, and tap on the “+” icon. Tap on the create channel option, and a new pop-up will show that will tell you some instructions.
click on "+" icon to create WhatsApp channel- WhatsApp channel creating process
  • The pop-up informs you that anyone can find your Channel and tell you that the user can’t see your phone number, profile picture, or name. After reading the Pop-up instruction, tap on “continue” button.
instruction popup during channel creating
  • Now enter your channel name and description about your Channel, and click on the “Create channel” button.
enter channel name, description, and logo to create WhatsApp channel in blue WhatsApp plus
  • Now your Channel has been created. You can share your link with an individual or group so that people can find you and follow.

To create a channel on iPhone and WhatsApp web then, follow the same steps as discussed above. You can also create a Channel on a WhatsApp business account by following these steps.

How to delete WhatsApp Channel

Follow this guideline to delete WhatsApp channels.

  • Click on blue WhatsApp Plus to open it. Go to update and find your channel.
  • Open the Channel that you want to delete.
  • Tap on the channel name and click on the “delete channel” option.
delete channel option to delete WhatsApp channel - WhatsApp channel deleting process
  • After clicking on the delete channel button, a new instruction will show that tells you the Channel will be deleted permanently, and followers can see the past activity. Tap on the “delete” option.
select on delete button to delete WhatsApp channel- WhatsApp channel deleting process
  • After tapping on delete, select your country, enter your mobile number, and click to delete.
enter WhatsApp number to delete WhatsApp channel
  • After completing the whole procedure, your Channel will be deleted permanently.

pros and cons of creating whatsApp channel


  • You can communicate with all the followers at a time. You don’t need to broadcast any message separately.
  • It enables you to transmit a message to a huge community.
  • It is one way of broadcasting messages. You can send text, images, audio, and video to their followers.


  • The messaging activity is not end-to-end encrypted.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp is a broadcasting messaging tool in which you can interact with followers through images, texts, videos, stickers, and links. WhatsApp channel followers can only react to messages with emojis. It is beneficial to interact with a massive audience. You can create and delete it at any time.

frequently asked questions-FAQs

Clicking on the “+” icon from the update tab. By tapping on the + icon, you can create a new Channel or find an already existing Channel. Click on “+,” go to Create Channel, enter the channel name and description, and tap on Create Channel button.

No person can see the admin details like name or mobile number. Even the admin can’t see the follower’s name, Phone number, or other details.

Yes, you can delete a WhatsApp channel by clicking on the channel name and then tapping on “delete channel.” enter your number and click on delete. Your Channel will be deleted permanently.