Is It Safe Or Not To Use Blue WhatsApp Plus?

Is blue WhatsApp plus safe or not

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app used in our daily life for communicating with friends and family. Some mod applications are used instead of official apps to communicate with people; blue WhatsApp is one of them.  In this article, we will discuss how to keep your account safe by using a mod application of WhatsApp. 

The Mod application of WhatsApp is a third-party customized application that is used to enhance the feature of the official app. The features added in the modified application are change icon and its color, change bubble and tick style, font and many more. By using the modified app WhatsApp sometimes ban the number of a user but in blue APK, it has an anti ban feature.

Is blue WhatsApp secure or not?

Blue WhatsApp Plus is completely safe and secure due to its features like end to end encryption and antiban. The source code used in the app is fully tested. Some main features that make it secure are:

Blue WhatsApp Anti ban

In the previous version some users faced the issue to get banned. The ban is temporary or permanent but in the latest version developers update the anti ban feature.

Message encryption

The conversations in blue WA are end-to-end encrypted. It means that the conversation between two people are fully secured and no person involved between the sender and receiver. Due to end-to-end encryption messages can’t be used by a third person.

Download from trusted source

The privacy and security of the app depends on the developer. Due to not availability on the play store you should download it from a trusted source and update it regularly.

Risks involved in using the mod application of WhatsApp

Due to development by the third party, a little bit of risk is involved in using Blue WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp policy is strict against the modded version, and they could ban temporarily your account.

 Some users are forced by the Google Play Store to install the official app instead of the mod application. This could lead to loss of data. It may be tough for the user who has some important data. 

Blue WA does not follow the same security protocol as the official. That may cause privacy and security concerns. Some apps run in the background that use the resources. The main problem is that Meta bans the account temporarily or permanently by using third-party apps.

Pros and con of using blue WhatsApp


  • It has extended features then official apps like font, theme and wallpaper.
  • It has more advanced privacy features like hide status, auto reply, and last seen.
  • You can hide the forward message tag in this app.
  • DND mode is present in it.


  • Some privacy risk is involved due to being developed by a third party.
  • It has an anti-ban feature but it has no guarantee that the official app will not ban it.
  • The update process of blue WA is slow.


Using blue whatsapp plus apk with more advanced features is completely safe and secure then other mod applications of whatsapp. Users should update the app regularly to avoid the security and privacy risk. You should download it from the trusted source. It is completely free of cost.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Yes, but it does not adhere the same security protocol that WhatsApp follows. The main problem is a temporary or permanent ban from the meta.

Yes, it is fully safe and secure because it follow end-to-end encryption.

No. It was developed by a group of third-party coders. It follows the same protocol that WhatsApp follows.